[A4] Oil Break In....

Pbadore@aol.com Pbadore at aol.com
Thu Nov 3 00:22:04 EST 2005

If you want avoid future warranty claim problems with your dealership I would 
use only synthetic oils that meet VW/Audi oil specification for your model 
year Audi. If you change the oil yourself save the receipts and take a photo of 
the empty oil containers with a dated newspaper. Sounds paranoid--but lack of 
maintenance records (especially for self maintained cars) have caused many 
headaches. Many VW and Audi owners have been denied legitimate warranty claims 
due to lack of maintenance records. Audi agreed to a class action law suit 
settlement for failed 1.8l turbo AEB code engines due to incorrect oil usage. As 
much as I Iike VW and Audi cars I can understand why their current sales are 
down so much. There are far too many durability problems with many major 
components that used to work so well.     

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