[A4] Oil Break In....

Rocky Mullin caliban at sharon.net
Thu Nov 3 15:38:08 EST 2005

	change the oil *exactly* as per their specs.  and if you do it
yourself, *only* use oils they specify and save the receipts and other
documentation so you can prove you did it on time and with the proper
parts.  otherwise, bye bye warranty!

	i'm dead set against over changing oil.  follow the spec.  in
particular the first batch, as it's often god "break in" additives or
some such in there.

	i'm looking forward to trying the 2.0t, next spring, when the
A3 quattro finally arrives.  to me, any car that isn't AWD is useless.
i imagien the lighter car, with .2 more displacement, chipped... yum.

At 7:26 PM -0800 11/2/05, Nicholas Stock wrote:
>Fellow A4'ers...
>As you may or may not have guessed from earlier posts (I wasn't really
>being subtle..), I purchased a new 2006 A4 Avant. Amazing.
>Anyway, Audi claim that the first service is at 5000 miles (including
>oil change)...which surprises me somewhat. I'm trying to gauge when
>the best time to change the oil would be, what type (probably not
>synthetic this early on) and any other tacit info...as this is my
>first ever brand new vehicle..
>BTW, the 2.0T engine is pretty damn good..Audi even did a great job
>with the S line package too...
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