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<< Guys, I always ran Mobil 1 in the last A4 so I have no problems putting
 synthetic in...just wondering at what stage have the rings bedded in
 (there's on 470 miles on the new one so far...) and also all that metal crap
 floating around in the oil...I suppose I'm just a little paranoid (for no
 particular reason!).
  Nick >>

Yep sure.......have been the same way with new cars.
1st replace your oil ASAP..........with 5w-30 dyno, aka regular motor oil.
2ns for about the next 500 miles........beat the hell out of the engine.  
This will break in the piston rigns and seat the rigns well.
Also vary the RPMs.(never let the engine stay at one set RPM for more than 30 
When the odo reads 1000 miles....then chose your best oil filter and syn oil.
and have fun :)

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