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Rocky Mullin caliban at sharon.net
Thu Nov 3 17:24:19 EST 2005

	i LOVE the turbo whine.  though on my A4 it's a woosh.

At 12:41 PM -0800 11/3/05, Nicholas Stock wrote:
>The 2.0T in the A4 behaves just like my old 1.8T with the APR Stage 
>1..(a little smoother though, and none of that loud turbo whistle, 
>which I actually miss..)..but I think I'll wait a while before I 
>chip this one....
>On 11/3/05, Rocky Mullin 
><<mailto:caliban at sharon.net>caliban at sharon.net> wrote:
>        change the oil *exactly* as per their specs.  and if you do it
>yourself, *only* use oils they specify and save the receipts and other
>documentation so you can prove you did it on time and with the proper
>parts.  otherwise, bye bye warranty!
>        i'm dead set against over changing oil.  follow the spec.  in
>particular the first batch, as it's often god "break in" additives or
>some such in there.
>        i'm looking forward to trying the 2.0t, next spring, when the
>A3 quattro finally arrives.  to me, any car that isn't AWD is useless.
>i imagien the lighter car, with .2 more displacement, chipped... yum.
>At 7:26 PM -0800 11/2/05, Nicholas Stock wrote:
>>Fellow A4'ers...
>>As you may or may not have guessed from earlier posts (I wasn't really
>>being subtle..), I purchased a new 2006 A4 Avant. Amazing.
>>Anyway, Audi claim that the first service is at 5000 miles (including
>>oil change)...which surprises me somewhat. I'm trying to gauge when
>>the best time to change the oil would be, what type (probably not
>>synthetic this early on) and any other tacit info...as this is my
>>first ever brand new vehicle..
>>BTW, the 2.0T engine is pretty damn good..Audi even did a great job
>>with the S line package too...
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