[A4] My new A4 has been built! A tire mystery

Single Malt s_malt at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 3 18:47:33 EST 2005

--- gsackerson at comcast.net wrote:
>   I got word from my dealer that my 2006 2.0T
> Quattro A4 has been built <snipped> I love the
>performance of the new
> 2.0T engine and the look of the front grille is
> growing on me.

Congratulations!  Even with the grille :)

<snipped> I was curious
> about what makes a 17 inch tire different than a 16
> inch (or smaller.) As I understand the answer, all
> tires on a vehicle, whether it's a 16 inch, 17 inch
> or 18 inch, all measure the same from the ground to
> the top of the tire, otherwise, the odometer
> wouldn't work correctly with different size
> wheels/tires. Correct?

True, but the sidewall gets shorter as the diameter of
the wheel goes up.  This leads to a stiffer sidewall
which lends itself less to leaning over (so you stay
on the tread in a tight corner rather than leaning
over on the sidewall).  I would suspect that this
leads to better handling since you maintain the
designed contact patch - not sure about the tests done
on the track that showed no difference.  However,
shorter sidewall = easier to bend wheels (believe me).
 I have enough trouble with 17", I don't see 18"
wheels in my future unless they are track/show only.

But alot is aesthetics too ... I like the look of
larger wheels (and yet I despise the SUV's with 20"
wheels - yuck), especially on lowered cars.  The
smaller 16" wheels show too much sidewall, IMHO. Oh
well, personal choice I guess.


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