[A4] Oil Break In....

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<< A friend sent me this link....any thoughts?
Yep.........motoman is right
I followed the methods  with my Ducati 998 SB
Just did that to my 04 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.7L
I had not read that story when i got my A4 back in 99. However  I did do the 
following at that time. 
Up to 200miles engine rpms up to 3500
>From 200-500 miles, rpms up to 4500
At 500 miles i changed the oil with dyno, and that's when i thrashed the 
engine around up to 5500 rmps.
At 1500 miles it was time for Mobil1 syn with OEM filter.
Took the car in for its first free oil change at 5000 miles. Dealership used 
dyno oil. Drove with it for about 300 miles.....then i dump it and replaced it 
with syn.....etc

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