[A4] Oil Break In....

Rocky Mullin caliban at sharon.net
Thu Nov 3 22:06:05 EST 2005

	i love all the oil advice out there in motoring groups, and also
how nicely people offer it up.

	however, i follow dealer recommendations.

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><< A friend sent me this link....any thoughts?
>   Nick
>   >>
>Yep.........motoman is right
>I followed the methods  with my Ducati 998 SB
>Just did that to my 04 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.7L
>I had not read that story when i got my A4 back in 99. However  I did do the
>following at that time.
>Up to 200miles engine rpms up to 3500
>>From 200-500 miles, rpms up to 4500
>At 500 miles i changed the oil with dyno, and that's when i thrashed the
>engine around up to 5500 rmps.
>At 1500 miles it was time for Mobil1 syn with OEM filter.
>Took the car in for its first free oil change at 5000 miles. Dealership used
>dyno oil. Drove with it for about 300 miles.....then i dump it and replaced it
>with syn.....etc
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