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Thu Nov 3 23:20:07 EST 2005

At 10:44 PM -0500 11/3/05, Audi4orce at aol.com wrote:
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><< re-read the thread.  you have to use specific oils, authorized
>  by audi. >>
><sniff sniff> Yeah!!.......OK,  just like they did back with the B5 A4's

	ah, so that's changed?  with my car, they've even sent update
letters with acceptable oils listed.

>second......what dealerships do in the service area........stays in the
>service area.

	perhaps this is true.  i'm not sure if you're just saying
this because you have a mouth, or if you have credible experience.
none of this matters, though, if you're trying to submit a warranty
claim, AoA is fighting it, and you have no clear documentation to
support that you followed their required maintenance guidelines
if you did DIY work.

>They like to use the cheap 50 gallon barrels of dyno oil.......remember the
>bottom line.

	again, you just talking trash, or do you have actual experience
in actual dealers, where the dealers are using non-approved oils?

>About specific oils............it needs to meet the 502-503 503.10

	no, it needs to be one of the oils that audi says is OK in the
manual or in update letters they send me.  you're fascinating to hear
talk, my friend, but you don't decide if my warranty claims will be paid.
perhaps your manual specifies those specs, rather than specific oils like
the letter audi sent me.  perhaps you don't realize that we're talking
specifically about making sure a warranty is honored, rather than what
oil religion you personally follow.  i don't fuck with going off warranty
and have spent near zero on this car beyond payments, gas, and tires.
i'm ditching the car as soon as it's out of warranty.

>Mobil1 0w-40.......As long as he uses OEM filter......what's the problem???

	i'm not sure if there's a problem.  my point here is that he knows
not to listen to jackoffs on the internet about what oil is right to use in
his audi, because audi is VERY specific about oils WRT honoring the warranty
on into the future.

>On top of that...how would the dealership know????????

	having re-read your original post, i see your point.  i hadn't
realized that you were advocating over-changing the oil (which is asinine
in its own right, but that's a different subject) rather than changing
oil at scheduled maintenance intervals with something other than what
is specified by audi.

>You make it sound that nobody is authorized to change the oil on an

	i'm sorry if you take my message to mean that.  here, i'll clarify.
my understanding is that DIY oil changes are OK by audi, but for them to
honor the warranty on affected parts in the future, you must very carefully
document both the timing and materials used in the process.  if the oil
isn't approved, and you have a claim in affected parts, you are el escrewedo.

>When my car was under warranty........I would let them do the oil changes at
>5000, 10000, 15000.....etc, however in between i would change it around 2500
>miles myself because i did not trust the 5000 miles crap.....

	yes, by all means, waste oil as much as possible.  there's plenty
to go around.  waste your money, too.  i'd be happy to consider any scientific
data supporting necessity of 2500 mile oil changes, but don't really feel
comfortable going with your gut feeling that 5000 mile oil changes are crap.
we're going 10k in our sprinter van.  that's the dealer specified interval.

>and i was
>right......the majority of B5's today have sludge issues.

	i'm pretty sure i don't, but i'll ask.  having just had a fair
amount of the underside of the car replaced from having the subframe
rammed into the oil pan, the tech should remember what was in there.
but it really comes down to this;  i could care less about sludge.  i
would never own an out-of-warranty audi.  it's financial suicide.

>I just hope that the B6 and B7 owners are not following these 5000 & 7000 oil

	yes, by all means, waste LOTS of oil.

  Rocky Mullin 


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