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> << ..and hope you don't have your warranty claims voided.
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> How???  please explain to me how they gonna void the warranty?

Audi of America's recent history WRT warranty issues related to the sludge
problem has been to try and avoid covering problems created by their long
oil change intervals (10k miles) and use of dino oil in the 1.8T engines.
They "fixed" the problem by recommending synthetic oils (specific ones -
as Rocky mentioned, they sent out a list) and switching to a new larger
filter (larger by about .4 quarts, and it's actually an old VW diesel
filter!). That's why those of us that do our oil changes in between the
10k recommendation (after the first 5k), document - I buy the oil and OEM
filter and take it to a local shop, saving all my receipts. And 5k oil
changes with synthetic are fine. If you're using synthetic and changing
every 2500 miles, that seems like a waste of synthetic, I would probably
just use dino oil in that case. I have just under 25k on my car and am
planning on keeping it for a loooooong time....

Dan D
'04 A4 1.8Tq MT-6
Central NJ USA

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