[A4] VAG-COM questions

Mitchell Segal MSegal at nsbgroup.com
Thu Nov 17 23:22:44 EST 2005

Hello follow listers,
I recently purchased the Ross-Tech VAG-COM software, so that I could debug
an intermitent problem I was having with my 2001.5 A4 1.8T, and it did help
narrow down the problem to the MAF sensor.  Just changed it, and it seems to
be working fine now.

My question to you is, where can I get a more complete listing of all the
features and capabilities that I can do with all the various modules and
measurement blocks that I can now access with the VAG-COM software.  Is
there a few good websites that list all the features?  

I checked my big printed shop manual, but all it lists are the definitions
of the fault codes, which the software does for me anyways, so that's no

I tried looking at the Ross Tech website, and they only had a few tips for
the most common activities, like to adapt the throttlebody, etc., but even
those aren't very clear.

For instance.  My service maintenance reminder is telling me that I'm due
for a service in 200km.  I checked on the website, and it says on my car,
that I should go to MODULE 17 - INSTRUMENTS, ADAPTATION-10, CHANNEL 02, and
set it to 0.  Well, when I went in, it was already 0.

I did some looking around, and I came across something that looks about
right on channel 40.  It said Reminder in x KMs, and was set to 149.  I
figured this might be it, since the reminder only displays mileage in 100's
of kms.  So I tried changing this to 0.  Now the reminder just says SERVICE!
I tried setting it to a large value, like 12000, and it will only let me set
it to a value up to 600, nothing higher.  So I put it back to 149.

Can someone tell me 
a) how to reset the Service Maintenance Reminder?
b) if there are any good websites, or perhaps information in the Audifans
archives, that I should look for?

Thank you very much.
Mitchell Segal
Montreal, QC

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