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Fri Nov 18 04:03:49 EST 2005


Check the forums <http://www.audiworld.com/forum/a4gen2.html> on
I'm pretty sure that the Ross-Tech guys hang out there and answer all sorts
of questions.


On 11/17/05, Mitchell Segal <MSegal at nsbgroup.com> wrote:
> Hello follow listers,
> I recently purchased the Ross-Tech VAG-COM software, so that I could debug
> an intermitent problem I was having with my 2001.5 A4 1.8T, and it did
> help
> narrow down the problem to the MAF sensor. Just changed it, and it seems
> to
> be working fine now.
> My question to you is, where can I get a more complete listing of all the
> features and capabilities that I can do with all the various modules and
> measurement blocks that I can now access with the VAG-COM software. Is
> there a few good websites that list all the features?
> I checked my big printed shop manual, but all it lists are the definitions
> of the fault codes, which the software does for me anyways, so that's no
> help.
> I tried looking at the Ross Tech website, and they only had a few tips for
> the most common activities, like to adapt the throttlebody, etc., but even
> those aren't very clear.
> For instance. My service maintenance reminder is telling me that I'm due
> for a service in 200km. I checked on the website, and it says on my car,
> that I should go to MODULE 17 - INSTRUMENTS, ADAPTATION-10, CHANNEL 02,
> and
> set it to 0. Well, when I went in, it was already 0.
> I did some looking around, and I came across something that looks about
> right on channel 40. It said Reminder in x KMs, and was set to 149. I
> figured this might be it, since the reminder only displays mileage in
> 100's
> of kms. So I tried changing this to 0. Now the reminder just says SERVICE!
> I tried setting it to a large value, like 12000, and it will only let me
> set
> it to a value up to 600, nothing higher. So I put it back to 149.
> Can someone tell me
> a) how to reset the Service Maintenance Reminder?
> b) if there are any good websites, or perhaps information in the Audifans
> archives, that I should look for?
> Thank you very much.
> Mitchell Segal
> Montreal, QC
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