[A4] i'm buying a new A4

docwyte at comcast.net docwyte at comcast.net
Wed Nov 30 18:53:45 EST 2005

Wow, that's terrible gas mileage.  My '01 S4 Avant with around 330hp averages 24.3mpg...

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> Nick - 
> For what its worth, I've also got a '00 A4 Avant - 2.8 quattro 5 speed 
> with sport package. I just turned 101k miles last week. Admittedly, I 
> drive the car very hard. I keep all the fluids new and clean. The car 
> has been bulletproof. I just did my first tie rod end. I did the 
> brakes and rotors at 80k and the timing belt/water pump at 90k. 
> My biggest complaint is the fuel mileage - terrible at 20mpg. I'm 
> trying to justify a BMW 545, with the 26mpg it gets. Yeah, right. 
> Pretty bad logic. 
> Isn't the decision part of the fun:) 
> Aaron 

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