[A4] Need a good source for new or used audi parts...

Richard Hurt rnhurt at gmail.com
Wed Oct 5 05:56:00 EDT 2005

So what did part(s) did you get exactly?  Was it the center console
multifunction display?  Mine has faded so badly over the past 2 years
that I can hardly make out the outside temp. or radio station.  Now I
am getting nervous about my idiot "lights" that show up there - what
happens if I can't see them anymore at some point?  I could be running
around with a broken headlight, low coolant, or worse and not even
know it (assuming I ignored the initial beep, the radio can get loud
at times :)!

Dad's quoted me the whole cluster for $250.  That doesnt sound like a
bad deal really, but I like $210 better if that's what you've got.  On
the flip side, I don't know how hard it would be to replace just the
multifunction display.  I assume the console is just a plug and play
event.  Anyone ever done this before?

Sorry for the rant...it's early.  :/


On 10/5/05, Robert A. King <gt40 at mail.ev1.net> wrote:
> Thanks for all the tips guys.  I found a source at a dealership
> that'll sell it to me for $210, new, shipped.
> -- Robert
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