[A4] Engine Cleaning Products

Gordie's Garage audidoodie at comcast.net
Wed Oct 5 06:24:20 EDT 2005

> I recently had my timing belt replaced along with my front crank &
> camshaft seals and would like to know what everyone uses to remove 2
> years of built-up oil and muck.  The seal replacement should stop the
> leak (hopefully) but I am still getting burned oil smell after a long,
> hot drive.  I am planning on taking the belly pan down this weekend
> and giving everything a good cleaning but would like to get some
> recommendations for this task.
> I have used Engine Brite foam and Simple Green spray in the past but
> neither one really impressed me that much.  Engine Brite is pretty
> expensive if I remember correctly and didn't seem to leave a shinny
> gleaming surface.  I really like Simple Green for a lot of jobs but
> it's kind of hard to apply to the bottom of an engine.  :/
> What else is out there?  Obviously, I don't want to sit under the
> engine all day with a scrub brush and have soapy water drip in my
> face, so I am looking for something quick and easy.  :)
> Later...
>   Richard

Gunk or any other specialty engine cleaner will work fine.  Read and follow
the instructions.  Don't use Simple Green, if you read the cautions you'll
discover that SG will attack aluminum.


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