[A4] ProDiag & PDA Decision

Rocky Mullin caliban at sharon.net
Wed Oct 5 19:45:38 EDT 2005

	i had an app like that once.  check palm's site, or maybe

At 6:02 AM -0400 10/5/05, Richard Hurt wrote:
>Well, it looks like I am going to go with the ProDiag and some old
>Palm PDA.  The tipping edge for me was that I can't stand Windows and
>going with the VAG-COM would put me squarely in that camp.
>Also, as I got to thinking about it I realized that instead of writing
>my gas consumption in a paper booklet in the glovebox I could use the
>PDA.  Does anyone have any good, open source PalmOS software that will
>keep track of your car's vital stats?  I'm looking for something like
>gas mileage, major repairs, oil changes, etc.  Nothing to complex.
>Well, I'm off to eBay to pick me up a $20 used PDA.  I'm thinking a
>Handspring Visor Edge or something because they come with Macintosh
>support right out of the box.  Anyone have any opinions on which PDA
>to get?
>   Richard
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