[A4] ABS

Kent McLean kentmclean at mindspring.com
Thu Oct 13 19:15:57 EDT 2005

Calvyn wrote:
> Good News Bad News, It's not raining
> anymore, but my ABS light is on and the rear tires lock up during heavy,
> emergency like, braking. I haven't seen this ABS Rotor offered anywhere and
> the local stealership wouldn't give me the part number. Only $20+ each so I
> ordered a pair up even though I could probably get'em online ANYWHERE for
> half. I should be receiving them tomorrow. Anyone have any other ideas if
> this fails? BTDTs?

ABS light on could be caused by dirt on the rotor/wheel, a
misaligned sensor (it needs to be about a paper's thickness
away from the wheel), or a bad electrical connection (due to
corrosion, broken wire, or bad sensor). There may be other
causes, too.

Kent McLean
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