[A4] A4 Power Steering Groaning

David Kaiser David.Kaiser at noaa.gov
Thu Oct 27 10:08:05 EDT 2005

I have a 2003 Audi 3.0 A4 Avant (with sport suspension) that had a power 
steering groaning noise problem.  With 5,000 miles I took the car to 
dealer and informed them that a very loud groaning noise occurred 
intermittently, but frequently, when the car is not moving and the 
steering wheel was turned to the left from the right/far right.  The 
groaning noise was loud.  Usually the groaning noise occurred after the 
car had been driven.  At that time, dealer could not duplicate.  A few 
months later I brought the car back and dealer did duplicate the problem 
and replaced a faulty Power Steering Pump.  However, the loud groaning 
noise continued to occur with same frequency.  Two months later dealer 
replaced the Steering Rack, believing that would fix the problem, which 
seemed to work for a while.  Three months later groaning noise 
returned.  On advice of the Audi Tech Line, dealer replaced the 1.10 
Power Steering Return Hose.  This worked for quite some time.  However, 
the same 1.10 Power Steering Return Hose later leaked and had to be 
replaced again.  Car has been fine ever since (now has about 30K 
miles).  Apparently has something to do with the design and the way the 
hose goes from the pump to the steering rack; hence the noise only 
occurred when turning from far right to the left and only when car was 
not moving.  Except for this problem (that appears to be solved) and the 
ridiculous cup holders, I love this car, and dealer and Audi have been 
very helpful.

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