[A4] A4 Digest, Vol 24, Issue 5

Yee, Phil Phil.Yee at rainin.com
Thu Oct 27 15:05:51 EDT 2005

Yeah, can't forget all the little extras - copper plugs, BPV, recheck vacuum
connections, hoses.  I suspect that the chip also pushed an O2 sensor over
the edge (too hot from pinging?) and my mass air sensor (luckily replaced by
Audi warranty).  As Nick implied, these can be due to high pressures with
any chip upgrade.
On the APR, the lack of service and bad attitude were disappointing.  After
all the little items above, in the software I believe, I do feel some
hesitation spots in the power delivery in the 4000-5000 rpm range.  Any
rough spots for anyone?
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I had an APR on my 2000 1.8T. The only problems I had were not with the
chip, but with the other stuff exposed to higher pressures etc...if you
decide to chip, then make sure you get rid of all that braided vacuum hose
and replace it with good silicon hosing. You will probably want to replace
the BPV too...after that, I had a lot of fun for 50,000 miles.. 


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