[A4] Question on tire size and handling

Rocky Mullin caliban at sharon.net
Thu Oct 27 17:59:02 EDT 2005

	for snow, less width is better.  i have multiple tire/wheel sets
for snow driving, and i live ont he coast and only drive to the snow.
i run nokians on alternate rims all winter, unless i am going to take a
dry road trip, where i'll swap back for the trip.  it takes 20 minutes
to do it myself.  a tire place will do it for $20.

At 9:42 PM +0000 10/27/05, gsackerson at comcast.net wrote:
>Hi all,
>   Could someone explain to me the fundamental driving 
>characteristics of a larger tire vs a smaller one? I realize there 
>are tires with different profiles, but what I'm referring to is how 
>the same make and model tire would handle in a 17" tire (what is 
>coming on the 2006 A4 I just purchased,) vs. let's say a 16" (what 
>is on the 2002 A4 I currently have.) The 2006 A4 comes standard with 
>16" tires, but I get the impression if I'm not mistaken that you can 
>go all the way to an 18" tire, yes? Since I live in Colorado, 
>clearance for snow is important, and secondly, since I commute 30 
>miles each way, most of my driving is highway miles where comfort is 
>as important as handling.
>   So, I'm interested to know what I can expect to be different when 
>going to the 17" tires other than having to spend more for tires! 
>Thanks for your feedback...
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