[A4] oil filter part number?

Arthur Marks aamarks at cox.net
Fri Oct 28 00:29:00 EDT 2005

You are correct. I have one from the Audi dealer right here. 068 115 561 B; apprx. 5.5" x 3.625".

You can save some money at http://www.autohausaz.com (not the Audi label but the right size and I think either Mann or Bosch makes the Audi filter) or at other online vendors. Of course who knows if Audi will honor the warranty should you have a problem while having used a filter without the Audi name. Not a big issue for me as they have already screwed me over.


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  Just got an '02 A4 Avant with 1.8T.  Much nicer than the '89 80 I had 
  some time ago.

  I'm aware of the engine sludge/synthetic oil/updated oil filter issue.

  I went to the VW dealer to pick up an oil filter, as I don't know when 
  the previous owner last changed the oil.  They gave me 06A 115 561 B. 
  It looks like this is the older, smaller filter that's no longer 
  recommended.  As far as I can tell, the newer filter is 068 115 561 B.

  I can't get the filter off without a band wrench (it's on really tight), 
  so I can't check the filter that's on the car yet.  It looks larger than 
  the one the VW dealer gave me.

  I ran down to Autozone and took a quick look - their filter guide got me 
  to a filter the same size as the one the VW dealer gave me.

  Can anyone confirm which part number I really want?  The nearest Audi 
  dealer is 100 miles away ...  And of course I now have a car with no oil 
  in it :-(

  - Bryan
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