[A4] oil filter part number?

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Hi Bryan,
Ramps....I lay a 2x6 board on about the middle of the ramp, so that lessens the angle of drive on.  I actually drilled a hole in the board and attach it using a bolt & nut through one of the ramp holes.....so the board does not walk while driving on. Hope this helps.
Brad Blumfeldt
Pittsburgh PA
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Arthur Marks wrote:
> You are correct. I have one from the Audi dealer right here. 068 115 561 
> B; apprx. 5.5" x 3.625".

Thanks all.  I'll try and get the updated part.  Grrrr to the VW dealer 
who's passing out the older filters for 1.8Ts.

I forgot how much fun it was to take off the plastic piece under the 
engine compartment.  Anyone have suggestions for ramps that I'll be able 
to drive up on - this car has the sport suspension, there isn't much 
room under there, the ramps will have to have a small "angle of attack."

    - Bryan
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