[A4] Battery died, new battery installed, window wierdness

Nicholas Stock nickstock at gmail.com
Tue Sep 6 10:40:08 EDT 2005

Jon, that's 'normal' behavior for the one touch windows after the battery is 
disconnected/replaced. You have to open them fully once then close them 
before the 'one touch' reinitiates...

 On 9/6/05, Jon <delta9 at gmail.com> wrote: 
> Like the subject says, my battery died in my A4 and I got a new battery
> installed over the weekend. My battery was so dead that the radio went 
> into
> "SAFE" mode, the trip computer would get reset, etc. I have no idea how it
> managed to start but it never left me stranded, it would just take about
> 5-10 seconds to crank over when it normally only ever took about 2 seconds
> to crank.
> I took it to Sears and had a new "Diehard International" installed in it
> yesterday. When I was driving home I realized my "one touch" feature of my
> windows wasn't working. I originally thought that I would have to reset
> something in the ECU w/ my VAG-COM. But then the one window (passanger 
> side
> front) started working correctly. Then the back two, then finally the 
> front.
> It seemed like you had to put each of the windows the whole way down and
> then back up for the one touch feature to 'initialize'. Maybe there is 
> some
> setting that has to be set so the motor knows how far to put the window 
> down
> and up. That would be the only logical explanation I can think of.
> I have no idea, has anyone else seen this behavior after they disconnect 
> the
> battery? I got the radio to work just fine, since I had the 4 digit code 
> in
> the owners manual. Glad I didn't remove that little card because I 
> would've
> lost it by now had I removed it.
> Jon
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