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Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Tue Sep 27 14:27:14 EDT 2005

We're in the same boat I think.  Not much new stuff out there that I'd want to drive (Aston Martins and such aside, E46 M3 but I live in CO and this is my daily - snow included) and my '98 A4 does pretty much everything very well.  A bigger turbo will put some new life into it....

I'm told a K04 with higher flow DP and high flow cat will net about 240 with MTM software - which is no cost to me - I can trade my current MTM software in cost probably around $1800 +/-  for parts and labor...and for street use no brake upgrade required although I'm considering the A8 rotor with TT bracket - but will likely just stick with slotted rotors and upgrade the pads...


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  This is something I've been trying to get to grips with myself. I have an APR stage 1 Avant Sport with about 95K on it now and I've been drooling over getting a new 2.0T Avant with all the options (including the S-line package). All in all, 40K!! But, I like my current A4, even though it needs a little cosmetic work now (scratches, dent in the bumper etc). The thought of swapping in a K04, new exhaust and uprated clutch would be a far cheaper way to put a grin on my face... 

  Any thoughts.


  On 9/27/05, Brandon Rogers <brogers at terrix.com> wrote: 
    Good question - I forgot to add that in my question before...I'm at 93k now and my clutch slips a little on uphill starts with the a/c on....I figure next when I do the TB in 7k miles i'll do the clutch and what the heck why not a bigger turbo too.... 

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      Did he change the clutch? The guys at APR told me the stock clutch handles about 260 ft/lbs torque and I imagine with a KO4, you're probably topping that...

      Any ideas?


      On 9/27/05, Peter Kirby <4pkirby at gmail.com> wrote: 
        A friend swapped out his K3 (chipped) and replaced it with a K4
        (+Neuspeed chip) and within 24 hours owed the local constabulary a 
        large sum of money.  Other than his tax contribution, he is VERY
        please with it.  Figures something like 225-235 HP.

        It flies!

        2001 1.8t A4

        On 9/27/05, Brandon Rogers < brogers at terrix.com> wrote:

        > Curious on opinions (especially those based on first hand knowledge) on the various turbo upgrade kits out there.
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