[A4] turbo upgrades

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Wed Sep 28 13:37:19 EDT 2005

There was an '85 with an AAN and all the 2B goodies for sale in No Cal or 
PacWest for about $30,000 a few months ago.  A lot of money but it takes a 
lot to get owners to part with the 20V Urq conversions...


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> Brandon Rogers and Rocky Mullin wrote:
>>I do have an ur-quatto as my play car - an '84 with a somewhat RS2'd 20Vt.
>>Yes it is _very_ fun - but it won't be my everyday car. You may not 
>>me from your Urq List days....
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>>>mmm, snow driving.
>>>what i did, until finances derailed me, was have a nice, basic,
>>>chipped 1.8t avant (still have it) and a killer '83 ur-quattro, with an
>>>MC engine swap, chipped.  THAT fucker was for the big grins.
>>>so, get an URQ, or a 4kQ, drop in an MC i5 (if not the 20v i5!)
>>>and use it as a play car.
> [SNIP]
> Oh man I would so love to do something like that!!  Find a ur-Q in good
> condition with an RS2 motor in it (or put one in if I can find one or
> enough parts to make one).
> If anyone hears of anything like this, let me know.  I've been on this
> list for years with several different e-mail addresses...rarely post
> though.  :)
> I recently got to drive a red '86 Coupe GT 5-spd. and aside from being
> severely down on power it was still enough to give me the bug!
> Some info about my car:
> 1998.5 A4Q 1.8T Tip/Sport in Pearl White (149K miles - orig. owner)
> Mods, etc:
> - APR EMCS w/FlipSwitch under dash (Stage 1)
> - Borla exhaust (second one still hanging on!)
> - HyperBoost DV
> - AWE A-pillar boost gauge
> - Samco silicone vacuum hose to DV, FPR, & boost gauge
> - Toyo Proxes 4 (225/50R16) [Not bad..T1-S is better except in snow]
> - Valentine One (windshield mounted)
> - Sylvania SilverStars
> - S4 wheel well liner (intercooler side)
> - Syntec 5W-40 (VW/Audi Blend)
> Paul
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