[A4] Brakes & Overheating problem

Pbadore@aol.com Pbadore at aol.com
Fri Sep 30 16:09:16 EDT 2005

For the over heating problem, assuming that your A4 does not have a low 
coolant level,
you should check the condition of the mechanical fan viscous coupling. 
With a hot   engine and the engine   not running if the fan spins easily with 
no resistance then the coupling has failed which does not permit the fan to 
rotate correctly and pull cooling air through the radiator.   For the brake 
drag problem, assuming no faults codes, check the rear brake caliper carriers and 
sliding pins for seizure-- a very common problem. Audi should have the rear 
brake caliper carriers and pins as a regular maintenance item for cleaning and 
relubrication at least once a year. But Audis cost so much for dealer service 
I doubt   that they would consider my suggestion even though I once worked 
with their US service engineering manger.     

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