[A4] New 1.8T Owner!!!

Doug Johnson ur-quattro at msn.com
Fri Apr 7 19:58:14 EDT 2006

Thanks, Nicholas!
Actually, not knowing what's going to happen to gas prices, I think I'll
just drive with a light foot and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere that was
missing from my '86 4kcsq.  I'm sure I'll 'need' and ECU chip, though, huh?
 ~ Doug 


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Congratulations Doug. I hope you enjoy your new purchase...any plans on
future mods?

On 4/7/06, Doug Johnson <ur-quattro at msn.com> wrote: 

	I got one!!! <rapidly-thumping heart>
	It's a '99 1.8T with a Tip and 75k miles.
	T/B &W/P done at the dealer at 60k miles. 
	Silver with black leatherette seats.
	Do those things breath okay???  <fingers crossed>
	~ Doug
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