[A4] Spark Control on 1.8T

Brian White brian at bjwhite.net
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Changes to 99.5 were:

- Change to one peice headlight/turn signal assembly.
- Loss of the idiotic in-headlamp fog lights. (thank god.)
- Redesigned door handles (smooth, slightly raised)
- Updated taillights on sedan
- Center console and switch (fogs, ESP, radio) redesign.  (Although the switches are the same as 
the 2000, the 2000 had a double DIN radio opening (also allows for NAV) while the 99.5 had a single-
DIN radio opening.
- 99.5 was the last A4 that had the desirable (IMHO) all-red dash lighting.
- Also 99.5 was the last non-DBW wire car.   

Many people consider the 99.5 to be the best of the B5 A4s.  No-DBW (for tuning), all-red lighting, 
updated exterior and interior details.

Only drawback in my book is the lack of the double DIN radio, but I'd bet you could update that to 
2000 part specs...especially since they're old now and parts are a dime a dozen.

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> So, do I need to use premium fuel, or will the ECU retard spark timing to
> avoid pre-ignition on my '99 1.8T?
> Also, what's in the 'Sport' package and what were the changes on '99.5?
> TIA,
>  ~ Doug
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