[A4] Spark Control on 1.8T

Rocky Mullin caliban at sharon.net
Mon Apr 10 13:20:43 EDT 2006

At 6:55 AM -0800 4/10/06, Brian White wrote:
>AEB was an earlier motor and is non-DBW.  2000 A4s were ATW.  Mine 
>was an early production 2000
>with the ATW.

	what is the difference in VIN number, or by ECU part number?

>Have an allroad 2.7T 6-speed now.

	i really really really strongly considered an allroad.  it was
my favorite audifor all those years it was available.  the run ran out
of them just before i was ready to get a new car, unfortunately.  the
good news is though that it seems the A4 based allroad should be in the
USA just before my current B7 lease runs out :)  i really love those

  Rocky Mullin 


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