[A4] wheel bearings

Peter Kirby 4pkirby at gmail.com
Mon Apr 10 13:12:07 EDT 2006

Anyone else having multiple wheel-bearing failures?

I bought my A4 with 102,000 km and according to the PO's service
records, the rear right side had been replaced twice and the left side
once.  Now at 122000, I have just replaced the right side again (it
was emitting a mild growl) and the mechanic (well trusted) tells me
that the left side is on its way out as well.  He had me go under the
car while the wheels were spun to let me here the noise.

The mechanic who did the right rear claims that the axle bolt was on
really tight and thinks that may have been the reason for the
failures.  When he replaced the right rear bearing he torqued to 85 ft
lb + 1/4 turn with a new bolt.

I am just wondering if the premature failures are a result of poor
design/bearings or they were installed wrong.  BTW, the previous
replacements were all done at the Audi dealer.

Any similar experiences out there?

2001 1.8t A4

ps my peterk at nrs.mcgill.ca account will be dead soon.  Please make
sure to use my 4pkirby at gmail.com address in the future.

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