[A4] wheel bearings

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I'm not sure about the torque spec for the axle bolt on the A4, but spec for 
cars like the urq and 200 20V (and I don't know why it would differ much) is 
something like 205 lb-ft.

FWIW my A4 1.8Tq w/ 96k has only had the right replaced, once.  I hear that 
particular one commonly goes bad.

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> Anyone else having multiple wheel-bearing failures?
> I bought my A4 with 102,000 km and according to the PO's service
> records, the rear right side had been replaced twice and the left side
> once.  Now at 122000, I have just replaced the right side again (it
> was emitting a mild growl) and the mechanic (well trusted) tells me
> that the left side is on its way out as well.  He had me go under the
> car while the wheels were spun to let me here the noise.
> The mechanic who did the right rear claims that the axle bolt was on
> really tight and thinks that may have been the reason for the
> failures.  When he replaced the right rear bearing he torqued to 85 ft
> lb + 1/4 turn with a new bolt.
> I am just wondering if the premature failures are a result of poor
> design/bearings or they were installed wrong.  BTW, the previous
> replacements were all done at the Audi dealer.
> Any similar experiences out there?
> Peter
> 2001 1.8t A4
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