[A4] Spark Control - premium fuel

Brian J White brian at bjwhite.net
Mon Apr 10 23:04:13 EDT 2006

I agree 100%.   ANY turbo or supercharged car should get 
premium.  End of story really.

At 19:23 2006-04-10, Michael Thomas wrote:
>I don't think anyone answered your question about gasoline. The Audi 
>recommended fuel for my 1.8T motor is premium. Why use anything else?
>You can certainly do the calculation - mileage you get, mileage you 
>drive and price difference of gas to figure out what you are paying 
>extra a year for premium.
>Mine is 25mpg, 20,000 miles =800 gallons of gas at .20 more = $160 
>per year. I'll gladly pay the extra, enjoy the car more and give up 
>a latte or something else I really don't need to eat.
>'99.5 A4 Avant 1.8T, Tiptronic

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