[A4] Spark Control on 1.8T

Brian J White brian at bjwhite.net
Mon Apr 10 23:06:27 EDT 2006

At 19:50 2006-04-10, Doug Johnson wrote:
>I think I have 'sport' seats, in vinyl (er.....leatherette)

Sport seats only came in cloth on the 1.8T.....cloth or leather on 
the 2.8.   Leatherette was the standard seat in the 1.8T.  However, I 
found that they were very supportive and made from wonderful material 
(another thing Rocky and I differ on.  He likes aged leather look..)

>  but I definitely
>have the standard wheels that Rocky likes so much.  (Mine are available,
>Rocky!) I'd be up for a set of the stock 2.8 (5-spoke) wheels, if anyone has
>a set they're using as paperweights. <fingers crossed>

I found one of the better looking wheels for the B5 A4 (mine was an 
Avant) was the 5-spoke 2002/2003 sedan Sport package wheel.   Simple 
5-spoke, easy to clean, and 17x7.5.   They were fairly rare for sale 
back when I got mine (early 03) but by now they are a dime a dozen.

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