[A4] Spark Control on 1.8T

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Back on the mother-list, the 'quattro' cloth had been described as being a
jacquard cloth.  It's a somewhat coarse weave; maybe a bit 'grainy,' with
threads being very evident in the cloth.

Is that what the Jacquard Satin's like on your (your wife's) '98?

I guess my real question is whether the 'quattro' script cloth indicates the
seats are sport seats, or whether they used the 'quattro' cloth on the
non-sport seats, too.

Thanks for everyone's patience.  


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I've seen cloth (like the quatrro script material) like on the old 80s, 90s,
on A4s not sure what it s called.  There is also Jacquard Satin, I believe
it's called, which I have on my [now my wife's] '98 w/ sport seats.

'98 A4
'01 S4
'84 urq 20V
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> Rocky,
> I'm a fan of cloth!  Did the !4 Sport seats come in any fabric other that
> the 'quattro' jacquard cloth, like in the 4000 and 80/90 series cars?
> Thanks,
> Doug
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> At 8:06 PM -0700 4/10/06, Brian J White wrote:
>>Sport seats only came in cloth on the 1.8T.....cloth or leather on
>>the 2.8.   Leatherette was the standard seat in the 1.8T.  However, I
>>found that they were very supportive and made from wonderful material
>>(another thing Rocky and I differ on.  He likes aged leather look..)
> i was pretty pleased with how cloth turned out for me in my 1.8.
> definitely grippy and those old sport seats are AWESOME.  i like leather 
> in
> the new cars but as far as aged looks go, i don't plan to own any audi out
> of warranty, to it's moot :)  i did like the aged look on my leather 
> quattro
> seats.  and god, that smell, that wonderful old smell, like an old 
> porsche.
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