[A4] '99.5 option Packages

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Tue Apr 11 15:56:13 EDT 2006

The family album has that info, the VIN will only tell you the mfg, 
the model of car, and the engine, as well as the mfg plant, the 
country of origin, and the serial number to name a few of the details.

Go to your Audi dealer and have them print a car data sheet. Then look 
up the options in the ETKA, or EPC.
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> At 11:22 AM -0700 4/11/06, Doug Johnson wrote:
> >
> >So, can anyone direct me (off-list if my questions are getting 
> old) to a
> >place where I can find out what's included in option packages 
> >WMB, 3FE, 5MY, 995 & SLS?
> 	that should be in the VIN.  isn't there a decoder somewheres 
> there on the interwebs?
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