[A4] New Car Search....

Rocky Mullin caliban at sharon.net
Fri Apr 14 14:45:51 EDT 2006

At 11:57 AM -0400 4/14/06, Calvyn wrote:
>Hi All,
>	I'm looking to replace the 'red rocket'. I'm looking to spend
>between 15-20K for a used '00-'05 A4. Anyone have any comments on
>years/models to stay away from? For instance my '96 goes through control
>arms like no tomorrow. I appreciate your input..

	i think the key is to buy as recent a model as you can.  they
start needing repairs as the years tick on and miles ad up.  just the
nature of german cars.

	i'd look toward the latest model you can afford, and getting it
"audi assured" through a dealer.  they come with 100k warranties, and
they don't buy cars with more than 60k on them.  in fact the audi team
that won the touring car series is really sponsored by audi assured:
they actually run used RS6 cars in the races, that at one time were
owned by people in the public.

	the SF dealer has a TON of '02-'05 cars on their lot with big
RED TAG stickers.  awful dealer, but the prices might be good.

  Rocky Mullin 


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