[A4] Audi Leases / New Audi Buying Tips

Calvyn Calvyn at stny.rr.com
Sun Apr 23 11:19:29 EDT 2006

Hi Everyone,

	Ok, so much for the sellin the Red-Rocket and buying a used '01-'04,
I'm going right for the jugular and lookin to lease an '06..
	In the rain yesterday the little lady and I went for a test drive
and ended up driving an '05 A4 2.0T QMS. Very nice car which contained most
of the convenience packages I was looking for. Thankfully is was a crappy
day cause I'd have been tagged as a sucker from the minute I walked onto the
lot from the foot wide smile on my face. We're waiting for the dealer to
take stock of an '06 A4 2.0T QMS Black on Black with the S-line package,
which should be this week.
	We're lookin to lease this car and wanted to know if anyone has any
pearls of wisdom or tips/tricks to be aware of. We've done quite a big of
research on leasing Audis and feel we know the lingo and are ready but I
wanted to fly it by the list since we're all in the same Audi boat.
	I drive less than 1000 miles a month thanks to my 2.8 mile commute,
but we'll probably go with the 12K/yr lease option, JIK. I've also got a
n00b of an Audi sales associate, only been with the company 3 weeks and I
ended up knowing more about the car then she did.. I'm not much of a
haggler, more of a keep quiet, hymn and haw, and hope they break type
	Unless if they give me a killer deal on my trade-in I'll probably
end up sellin the Red-Rocket myself.
	Any useful tips from the group whose been there done that?


'96 A4 2.8 V6-12v FronTrac

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