[A4] More Wheels

Rocky Mullin caliban at sharon.net
Sun Apr 23 16:52:02 EDT 2006

	you're a picky mofo about wheels!  heh.

	those are from my own ur-quattro.  i had an extra set, and
needed some wheels for snow tires.  i liked the historical aspect
of the wheels as well.  the URQ is the car that changed it all.

	i don't really put all that much stock in wheels anyway.  i
think it's a waste of time and money to go about buying different
wheels to try to get a certain look.  sure i'll pick what i like
when ordering a dealer, or getting a cheap set of wheels for a set
of snow tires.  but otherwise?  eh.  if anything, aftermarket wheels
usually cheapen the look of a car.  not to mention all the purely
atrocious wheels out there.  spinners, ANYTHING chrome, etc.

At 1:42 PM -0700 4/23/06, Brian J White wrote:
>They may FIT, but they look dorky!  <grin>
>At 11:25 2006-04-23, Rocky Mullin wrote:
>>         15" URQ ronals fit my B5 just fine:
>>         http://www.sharon.net/caliban/img/audi/my-a4/right.jpg
>>At 6:58 AM -0700 4/23/06, Brian J White wrote:
>>>But they're 15"s aren't they? (The Fuchs.)
>>>At 03:03 2006-04-23, Rocky Mullin wrote:

  Rocky Mullin 


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