[A4] removing tie-rod end

Peter Kirby 4pkirby at gmail.com
Sun Apr 23 17:57:09 EDT 2006

Got it!!  Thank you all for your advice and sympathy!

This is what worked:  I removed the tie-rod end from the knuckle so that 
it was hanging from the inner tie rod.  Then, holding the 18mm nut from 
the inner tie rod with the open end of an 18mm wrench, I jammed the 
wrench against the back of the inner fender so it would not move.  Then 
with vice grips tightened to a scary amount on the threaded rod of the 
tie-rod end I pulled as hard as I could on the vice grips.  After many 
attempts, I felt it move (or was it shearing).  I figured I had little 
to lose so I just kept yanking on the vice grips, pulling as hard as I 
could.  Once it started moving, I worked it back and forth with more 
penetrating oil.  Eventually it came off.

Even the new tie-rod end was tough to thread on until I worked it back 
and forth a few times.

I am not impressed with Audi fasteners.  The amount of whacking (pinch 
bolt), penetrating oil (everywhere), heat (pinch bolt) and heavy duty 
pulling (separating tie-rod end from inner tie rod) was not what I 
expected.  My two previous Audi 90 were never such a fight to get stuff 
off and they were twice as old.

And now I start changing a control arm....once MY arms are rested and I 
get a bigger hammer (pinch bolt is seized....).

2001 A4Q

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