[A4] More Wheels

Brian White brian at bjwhite.net
Sun Apr 23 17:23:27 EDT 2006

I think the performence isn't due to size, but due more to weight, tire construction/compound.  
17" isn't a crazy size for the A4 though...hence my suggestion of a nice 17x7.5 for Doug.

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> Rocky, I agree, some of the wheels people put on their cars are bloody
> awful...especially those damn spinners, but if people get enjoyment
> out of them, then more power to them. With regards to the various
> comments regarding low profile tires and large rims, then let me put
> my 2 cents in.. I used to have the 10 spoke 16inch 'sport' wheels on
> the old 2000 A4 avant and I quite liked the look of them. I now have
> the 18inch S-line wheels on the 2006 A4 Avant....the performance
> difference in handling and cornering is quite staggering...I don't buy
> the argument that there is no difference in track times between the
> two sets on the same car...take a look at the touring car
> championships....you don't see 15 inch rims with large profile tires
> on those suckers...

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