[A4] removing tie-rod end

Jon delta9 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 24 10:52:27 EDT 2006

After reading this entire thread, I am glad I don't attempt to do this
kind of work myself.  I recently took a CA kit from ECS tuning and
Bilsteins from shox.com to our family-friend local garage and had them
do the install.

Appearantly the tech there had a hell of a time getting the upper arms
off, blow torch and all it took him 8 hours to do all the stuff I had
slated for them to do (CAs, shocks, Spark Plugs, inspection).  Well
worth the $$ spent IMO.

I don't think I could manage to do this job myself, especially w/o all
the appropriate tools.


On 4/23/06, Peter Kirby <4pkirby at gmail.com> wrote:
> Got it!!  Thank you all for your advice and sympathy!
> This is what worked:  I removed the tie-rod end from the knuckle so that
> it was hanging from the inner tie rod.  Then, holding the 18mm nut from
> the inner tie rod with the open end of an 18mm wrench, I jammed the
> wrench against the back of the inner fender so it would not move.  Then
> with vice grips tightened to a scary amount on the threaded rod of the
> tie-rod end I pulled as hard as I could on the vice grips.  After many
> attempts, I felt it move (or was it shearing).  I figured I had little
> to lose so I just kept yanking on the vice grips, pulling as hard as I
> could.  Once it started moving, I worked it back and forth with more
> penetrating oil.  Eventually it came off.
> Even the new tie-rod end was tough to thread on until I worked it back
> and forth a few times.
> I am not impressed with Audi fasteners.  The amount of whacking (pinch
> bolt), penetrating oil (everywhere), heat (pinch bolt) and heavy duty
> pulling (separating tie-rod end from inner tie rod) was not what I
> expected.  My two previous Audi 90 were never such a fight to get stuff
> off and they were twice as old.
> And now I start changing a control arm....once MY arms are rested and I
> get a bigger hammer (pinch bolt is seized....).
> Peter
> 2001 A4Q
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