[A4] Anyone interested in a Bose Symphony CD/Radio?

Ray Boyce rayboyce at comcast.net
Sun Apr 30 18:44:03 EDT 2006

Hey all.

Long-time lurker...very infrequent poster. I just try to absorb as much info
as possible from you guys.

Anyway....I was wondering if anyone might be interested in Bose Symphony
CD/Radio head unit. Here's the deal - I bought it used off eBay many months
ago. At the time of my purchase, the seller neglected to tell me that it was
the "Bose" version. When I installed it in my non-Bose 2000 A4 Avant, the
front speakers did not work (apparently, the "Bose" versions expect a
seperate power amp for the front speakers).

Long story short....I just want to get rid of this Bose head unit. I had it
in my A4 for several months, and other than the front speakers not working
(as expected), the radio (and CD player) worked fine. Ideally, I'd love to
trade it for a working, non-Bose Symphony head unit. In case you're
wondering, my original Symphony head unit has got the dreaded "CD ERR 1"
disease, so that's why I was looking to replace it.

Shoot me an email with an $$ offer, or if you're interested in a swap of
Bose and non-Bose radios (much preferred). I'd like to avoid putting it up
on the 'bay.

Thanks in advance,


Ray Boyce
rayboyce at comcast.net

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