[A4] Anyone interested in a Bose Symphony CD/Radio?

Richard Hurt rnhurt at gmail.com
Sun Apr 30 19:42:01 EDT 2006

Well, I don't know about the head unit (mine seems to be working fine) but I
*am* looking for a rear speaker for my 98.5 Bose system.  It has been
rattling for the past 5 years and needs to be replaced.  I know. I know, I
shouldn't listen to Rush's "Red Barchetta" cranked up to 11, but I just
can't help it.  :)


On 4/30/06, Ray Boyce <rayboyce at comcast.net> wrote:
> Hey all.
> Long-time lurker...very infrequent poster. I just try to absorb as much
> info
> as possible from you guys.
> Anyway....I was wondering if anyone might be interested in Bose Symphony
> CD/Radio head unit. Here's the deal - I bought it used off eBay many
> months
> ago. At the time of my purchase, the seller neglected to tell me that it
> was
> the "Bose" version. When I installed it in my non-Bose 2000 A4 Avant, the
> front speakers did not work (apparently, the "Bose" versions expect a
> seperate power amp for the front speakers).
> Long story short....I just want to get rid of this Bose head unit. I had
> it
> in my A4 for several months, and other than the front speakers not working
> (as expected), the radio (and CD player) worked fine. Ideally, I'd love to
> trade it for a working, non-Bose Symphony head unit. In case you're
> wondering, my original Symphony head unit has got the dreaded "CD ERR 1"
> disease, so that's why I was looking to replace it.
> Shoot me an email with an $$ offer, or if you're interested in a swap of
> Bose and non-Bose radios (much preferred). I'd like to avoid putting it up
> on the 'bay.
> Thanks in advance,
> ray
> Ray Boyce
> rayboyce at comcast.net
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