[A4] Noise during clutch release

Mazumder, Prantik MazumderP at Corning.com
Thu Aug 17 12:03:14 EDT 2006

Hi all

Lately my 98 A4 has been making a strange noise when I release the
clutch. As I am releasing the clutch the engine screeches monetarily
until the clutch is completely released. It usually happens in 1st or
rear gear. I have noticed that if the car is in motion and I engage the
gear it does not make the noise. Only when I engage the gear from rest,
the noise appears. Initially I thought that it could be the belt, but my
mechanic does not think so. He noticed something interesting. As he
stepped on both the brake and the gas pedal with his right foot and
slowly released the clutch with his left he could make the engine wail
in 1st, 2nd and 3rd gears. He also noticed that the pitch of the noise
does not go up with more thrust on the gas pedal, however, it does go up
as the clutch is released more and more until it stops when the clutch
is fully released. He is at the end of his wit.
Did any of you ever experience this problem and/or know what it is all
about. Any help would be highly appreciated.


Prantik Mazumder

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