[A4] Window regulator/motor

Andy Lewis a5lewis at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 21 07:34:16 EDT 2006

Well-I had the problem of the non working window visit
me.  It's a 99 a4, front passenger side window. 
Pretty much, the window will go down by toggle switch,
but then will not come back up.  For a while, if I sat
there and played with the switch, eventually it would
go back up.  Finally, it no longer goes back up at
all.  I pulled the motor out of the door and tried
running it with no window load.  Pretty much, the
motor will spin in the down direction when I hit the
down button.  However, when I hit the up button it
will spin in the same direction for a small amount of
time and then stop.  Does this mean the motor is shot?
 I can push the window up and down pretty easily with
motor removed, but should I be lubricating the tracks?
 Just wonder if it is the motor that is the
problem--as in it has just come to the end of its life
and that's that.

Thanks for any help

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