[A4] Window regulator/motor

Kent McLean kentmclean at mindspring.com
Mon Aug 21 11:01:35 EDT 2006

Andy Lewis wrote:
 > Well--the next question I would have would be, which
 > switch is affected?  The driver side switch won't get
 > the window up, the key in the door doesn't work, and
 > the switch in the passenger door doesn't work.  I
 > would assume that would mean it has something to do
 > with the overall wiring to the motor--
 > --- Kent McLean <kentmclean at mindspring.com> wrote:
 >>> Does this mean the motor is shot?
 >> No, the motor seems to be working. More likely, it
 >> is either the switch or the wiring to the motor.

(CC'ing the list)

Since none of the switches work, it is probably wiring going
to the motor.  Open the driver's door and pull back the rubber
boot between the door and the jamb. Look for broken or frayed

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