[A4] ProDiag question

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Thu Aug 31 10:35:54 EDT 2006

I believe Shadetree has contracted w/ HPA - the Canadian Company who
turns out some killer VR6 twin turbo conversions to be their
distributor, marketer, and support.  Unfortunately I've yet to have to
clear the "service" light so I'm not sure how to either.


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I don't know if anyone else has notice but the folks at Shadetree 
Software has "partnered" with another company with their ProDiag 
software.  The Shadetree web site is pretty much useless as is 
http://www.versatileautomotivediagnostics.com/ (the company that they 
have joined with.

My question is this....ProDiag is pretty cool but I can't figure out how

to turn off the "Service!" indicator.  Any tips?


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