[A4] Help! Charging system woes

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When it stops charging, it is almost as if the alternator were turned off.  Sometimes, it will suddenly click on and voltage goes back up to 14.   Could it still be the battery?

Jim (typing on tiny cell phone keyboard)

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James, it sounds like your Battery is dead and not the alternator. The batteries only last about 4-5 years so it sounds like yours is due for replacement...it's an easy thing to do yourself too.. 

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I'm having a bit of trouble with my 2001 1.8.
  Last week, it would intermittently cease to charge the battery.  Usually happened if I got on the gas and the rpms went up quickly.  On my way to the shop, it stopped charging completely and I had to be towed to the shop. Did not go to my usual shop due to the distance.  $900 later I had a new alternator, and all was well. 
Last night, with no warning, it stopped charging again!  I was forced to abandon it at a friend's house 30 miles from home.  I've driven approximately 100 miles on the new alternator.
To further complicate things, the power is out in most of the Seattle area, so I can't get on the web to research, and many auto stores are closed, including the Audi dealer. 

Does anyone have any suggestions?


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