[A4] Broken intercooler

Robert gt40mkii at gmail.com
Sun Dec 24 16:47:29 EST 2006

At 10:36 AM 12/24/2006, James Hanson wrote:
>Tow company is not covering the cost.  Didn't discover the damage
>until 2 weeks after the tow (couldn't drive the car because it wasn't
>running).  Thought about pursuing them, but I'd have a terrible time
>proving that they did the damage.
>So JB Weld won't hold as a patch in the plastic end tank?

I don't see why not.  I've patched a lot of different things 
(including a Model T cylinder head, a Model T block, and the oil pan 
on an E30 BMW,) with JB Weld.  If its a crack, I clean the surface 
and inside the crack as well as I can, and then force the JB Weld 
into the crack.  I then cover the area of the crack with another 
layer of JB Weld.  Let it sit overnight before use.  (In the case of 
the Model T Block, the crack was in the cylinder bore.  We were able 
to fill the crack and re-machine the cylinder (bore and hone) and get 
the engine back into service in two days.

JB Weld really is incredible stuff.  

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