[A4] Broken intercooler

docwyte at comcast.net docwyte at comcast.net
Sun Dec 24 17:32:38 EST 2006

I'm quite sure there are plenty of list members and AW members that have their stock intercooler laying around that they'd sell for a trivial amount.  Installation is easy too.

I'm a dentist, I know about sticking things in holes and getting them to stay.  Unless it's just a crack or up in a corner where you can gain some retention against more than one surface, JB Weld isn't going to hold.

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> Great? Really? Unless you've extensively modified the engine and 
> turbo setup, it's not going to be more than 1 bar. (Factory is 
> limited to .8 bar, right?) Properly done, it'll hold just fine. 
> > 
> >Stock intercoolers are plentiful and cheap, it's not worth it. 
> Still more expensive, harder to get and harder to replace, compared 
> to JB Weld. Not all of us have junkyard parts at our disposal. Here 
> in Dallas, that's going to have to be shipped in from out of town -- 
> no salvage yards with A4s. 

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