[A4] door speaker removal

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Mon Feb 6 11:29:44 EST 2006

Weird - I've been trying to send my question about the door speaker for a couple weeks - but my posts kept getting returned.  So I'd look in the archives to see if they were getting through. - they were not.  I think I was also not getting other posts either.....I'm still having trouble getting onto the biturbos4 list...

anyway - thanks-

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  hmmm i just reply'd to this a day ago, did you just join today???

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  remove the 4 screws on the door panel ends"2 each end", then pop the cover plate off where the handle is for the door, it slides down, there you will find 2 more screws, after that lift the door panel straight up then off, it has wires connected to it that unplug, then you can get to the speakers

  tata :)
    Can somebody clue me in on how to remove the lower driver side door 
    >speaker.  I have a late '98 with the Bose stereo (Symphony? 
    >whatever its called it was the upgrade/top o' the line then..)
    >It looks like the grill just pops off but I don't want to go prying 
    >and break stuff.  I'm hoping I don't need to remove the entire door 

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